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When you call Wolven Septic for our prompt septic tank installations, you can say goodbye to your old, outdated septic system. You can trust our experienced professionals for the industrial, residential, or commercial septic service you need.


Septic systems are highly efficient, self-contained wastewater treatment systems that store and break down waste. They are typically placed in a drain field, where sewage is safely filtered and disposed of. With septic tank installations from our company, you no longer have to use public sewer systems, and you can avoid the high cost of sewer lines.


We install complete septic tank systems on your property, including filter systems, leach fields, dry wells, and excavation pump stations. For your peace of mind, we always follow county guidelines to ensure the job is done correctly. With our quality workmanship, your system will be up and running in no time. Since 1988, home and business owners throughout the Kingston, NY area have made us their source for prompt septic tank installations.


Backed by decades of experience, you can trust us for nothing less than a quality job so you can enjoy your own private septic system. Contact us today to request an estimate for affordable installation to avoid the high price associated with sewer lines.

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